Beto's Pizza

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(Please take your seat by midnight so we have time to fill you up!)

Beto's unique pizza is not sold by the whole pie but by the individual cut - bubbling hot crust, cheese and sauce topped with your favorite cool ingredients.

We think most folks will fill up with about 2 cuts each, so if you're ordering for a party, multiply your guests times 2 (unless you've got that one really hungry guy - don't forget an extra cut or two for him!)

Pizza by the cut - for dining in or taking out

28 cut tray




banana pepper rings, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, onions, anchovies, jalapenos, green peppers, black olives, cheese, tomato slices





Betos Pizza

Half with a topping


Whole tray with a topping


Each Topping 55¢ extra per cut

Cheese and toppings are Put On Cold